Facial Contouring

Facial recontouring volumes and corrects facial contours. By restoring volume and correcting imperfections in the facial contours we can achieve rejuvenation, lift and volume without the intervention of surgery.

The ageing face by loosing its fat causes reduction and the loss of fat and the thickness of the skin. This leads to facial features becoming 'saggy' creating jowls and folds and the face changing shape. A youthful appearance is plump and full with very little separation of the facial features.

Facial contouring can contour, correct and even change the shape and look of your face, if desired. Using a combination of fillers and Botox/Dysport you can soften deep facial creases and wrinkles, enhance shallow contours, and add fullness to the cheeks, the lips and under the eyes, restoring a smooth more youthful looking appearance.

Liquid face lifts can contour the face shape to the patient’s preference combatting the effects of aging has on all aspects of the face. It is now possible to delay what might otherwise have been an inevitable surgery. A liquid facelift can combine Botox/Dysport, Restylane, Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse, Belotero, Bellafill, Sculptra and other cosmetic injectables to smooth wrinkles, provide volume, and fill facial lines or hollows.

Non-surgical nose jobs using fillers can improve the look of your nose even making it appear smaller and fix bumps without the need for surgical options. Non-surgical chin augmentation can bring harmony to your overall facial features and can make jowls and neck fullness appear smaller.

These are just a sample of facial contouring treatments that Kew Medical can work with you to deliver your best results. We believe in a less is more approach, carefully and meticulously applying small amount of product and working with you very closely to achieve to most natural, subtle and untouched look.