Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery and rejuvenation addresses sagging eyelids, bulges of “bags” or fatty tissue, hollowness around the eyes, dark circles, and loose crepe-y skin.

Our approach to eyelid surgery and rejuvenation restores your eyes to a more youthful state, without changing your overall face and is tailored to each patient individually and can be a surgical procedure, non-surgical fillers or a combination of both.

A blepharoplasty, or eye lift, is a surgical procedure that makes the eyes look more refreshed, awake, large, and youthful. A blepharoplasty can address the upper eyelid (just below the eyebrow), the lower eyelid (the part that looks puffy when you have bags under your eyes), or both. At Kew Medical, Dr Athari uses carefully placed micro incisions, making any incisions post surgery barely noticeable in the natural crease of your eye lid or completely unnoticeable in the base of your eyelashes.

Non-surgical options can also be used to treat dark circles and hollowness around the eyes and can be a very good option to relieve that "tired look" for both younger and older patients alike.

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