Dr M Athari


Dr Athari is the Cosmetic Physician, procedural Physician and Director of Kew Medical. With almost 30 years of experience as a medical practitioner in Melbourne, Australia he obtains great personal satisfaction looking after patients in a holistic manner. Whilst practicing medicine, he time and time again noticed that dramatic improvements in a person’s outlook in life and attitude could be achieved by correcting what appeared to be "minor" physical afflictions. As an artist, Dr Athari utilizes his keen eye for facial aesthetics to enhance your inner and "outward" beauty.

Dr Athari continues his training by gaining further experience and certifications in cosmetic medicine through the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, the European Masters in Aesthetic in Paris, and anti-aging summits in Switzerland. He continues his knowledge and training by attending the latest conferences around the world, always looking for the next new advancement in the field.