Acne and Rosacea

Acne is a common skin condition involving the oil-producing glands in the skin. Rosacea is a chronic and often progressive skin disease that causes redness and swelling of the face. It may begin as an increase in skin sensitivity and a tendency to flush or blush easily, then progress to persistent redness in the centre of the face that may gradually involve the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose.

Low-Level Laser Therapy(LLLT) treatment for Acne and Rosacea dramatically reduce the severity and duration of psoriasis attacks and can be used in conjunction with the frequent topical application of a soothing protectant such as Aloe Vera gel to relieve symptoms and in conjunction with your current medical regime.

The range of available treatments is as diverse as the rosacea symptoms themselves. The type of treatment depends on the type of Rosacea. There are a number of different treatment options available that range from topical applications through to laser therapy or light treatment. An individual treatment plan will need to be discussed with your doctor.